Get my resume !


"Cruizer was my thesis project, made with Vincent Noben."

NodeJS Express AngularJS MongoDB Corodova Arduino

Cruizer Teaser

"Promotional video of my thesis."

premiere after effects

Cruizer Making Off

"Making off video of my thesis."

premiere after effects

Labs Show Reel

"Video recap of my internship."

premiere after effects

Cruize Vesqueville

"You and me, against the world."

premiere after effects

Telenet Vines

"Hoe minder 'kaskes', hoe beter!"

premiere after effects filming acting

Telenet Formule 1 Pitstop

"Telenet stunt met pitstop langs snelweg."

idea brainstorm

Ons Bakskse

"Strangers are just friends you haven’t met yet."

arduino html bourbon neat css bitters jquery javascript

Broke Bikes Redesign


photoshop illustrator

Self promotion can

"Little tired? Drink some me!"

photoshop illustrator

The Mean Lean Like Machine

"Run Forrest, Run!"

arduino node.js

De Leesstoel

"For the greater good of the children."

php laravel html css jquery javascript semantic ui

F@ke News

"Something like Hacker News."

php laravel html css jquery javascript bootstrap

Swift car wrap

"Contest of suziki swift car wrap."


Koor & Stem

"schl:koorenstem. usr:leering. pw:leerling."

php code igniter html css jquery javascript

Get the remix

"Finding remixes like a baws!"

html css javascript jquery json


"Wij vinden wie u zoekt."

html css javascript jquery

Fashion & Design

"Poetry from mathematical proportions."

html css javascript jquery bootstrap

Feelings of the day

"Today I felt - "

html 5 canvas css kineticjs

Fighter plane

"OH SH*T! Here comes the boss!"

html 5 canvas createjs

Is it open

"usr:root. pw:root."

php html css jquery mobile


"Exposive quality."

cinema 4D premiere after effects

Muscle Hammer

"Sharks on bikes! Muscle Hammer, muscles in a can!"

premiere after effects cinema 4D


"Then one day, I got in."

cinema 4D


"Wa was da?"

premiere after effects

Inbraak poster

"Khaled studios presents..."



"Unknown mist."

cinema 4D

De La Vega

"The day after."



"Who are they?"

photoshop photography

De groene revolutie

"Rooftop photography"

photoshop photography